JUST SMILE is as easy as it sounds.  Maybe just wearing our hat or our shirt, will make one person smile, and maybe that smile is something they desperately need in their lives.  

My name is Gerard and I have been working in a school with children with disabilities for over 10 years.  I have my own DJ company and I am also a Zumba instructor.  The one thing that ties all my jobs together, is pure happiness, love and SMILES.  Give a kid a SMILE in the hallway and watch their face light up.  The SMILE's on the faces of a couple who just got married is priceless.  Seeing people SMILE while you get them to exercise and forget about all their troubles in 1 hour is addicting.

JUST SMILE.... try it!

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Created 2019 by Gerard Patalano

Smiles for Life - Alex Boye
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